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image thermo transfer technology  
image thermo transfer technology
DMC Direct is provider of this equipment , consumables, print media and blank products for sublimation image transfer technology, within the Baltic states.
DMC Direct is the exclusive Baltic distributor of "TheMagicTouch" products from Germany.
The image is first printed by an InkJet printer on a special paper with sublimation inks and then transferred onto blank products which have a polymer layer. (Examples are: mugs, puzzles, wall-clocks, T-shirts from polyester, etc.). The transfer is made using a heat transfer press.

In this instance the image is transferred onto fabric or blank products which have a fabric surface covering. (Examples are Jigsaw puzzles, wall-clocks, mouse-pads etc). This technology can also transfer images onto metal, ceramics and plastic.
The image is printed by the laser printer onto special TheMagicTouch papers and transferred on blank product using the heat transfer press.
The image also can be transferred on any smooth surface by using a glued water paper to prepare the surface.
- Photographic quality from the high resolution, brightness, and semitones, provided by the InkJet printer.
- A gloss surface
- The ink is absorbed in a polymeric layer
- High quality (the resolution of laser printers 600x600dpi)
- Various blank products materials
- Possibility of transferring an image of any form without a background on a dark fabric
Now available a new Subli PRO Lt paper !
This can transfer onto 100 % light cotton T-shirts.
New materials:
WoW 7.1/7.2, WoW 7.8, T. One, T. Foil, Tatoo 2.1, RST 9.1 Water release paper
Epson and Ricoh Printers with sublimation inks    
All products for both technologies are fron EU, USA and China producers directly. Almost all products are on our Tallinn stock.
Our prices are very flexible.

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